Details are important

You can’t get good champagne without good wine, and you need nice grapes to have a chance to make it. You have to grow well, feed, protect your vines, picking your grapes at the right time all that depending on climate and you have to take decision with a 50 % random forecast over 5 days. You need scienti­fic knowledges when every things go well and lot of experience when things go upside-down. Apart your decisions consequences. Bad treated pickers, can spoil one year of hard work but dirty machine or pipes, dysfunctional devices, or 0,10 € saving on cork as well. Have you heard about AMDEC, Kaizen, 5S, CSR (corporate Social Responsibility), sustainable development? It come from industry and ROGER BRUN press house was the fi­rst ISO 9000 and 14000 certifi­cated in champagne.
‑Thanks to Philippe return.

But don’t forget
« Making wine is like love making. It can’t be good without passion ! »

Philippe BRUN