- HOT LIST, Matthew DUKES, DAILY MAIL Avril 2005
- ​ 1001 wines you have to taste before you die
- Richard JUHLIN : 94/96 pts.  
This super cuvee is phenomenal.
Made with 100 % Grand Cru pinot noir from the always first matured place in Aÿ, this wondrous brew has fantastic weight, depth and balance. This could conceivably be drunk with main course dishes; it is so persistent and intensely flavoured. Perfect with a flamed lobster, with smoked meals or cheeses. The choice of many top chefs

TYPICAL BLEND: 100 % Pinot noir, 100 % Cuvée (first press juice) from a single vineyards 0,66 ha in « La Pelle », a well exposed south face slope in Ay

VINIFICATION:  Fermented in old little barrels, pre-blended in stainless steel tank for malolactic fermentation* and back to barrels during 3 months before being bottled.


VINTAGES: We don’t do it each year it is Philippe’s only go or no-go decision when tasting before bottling

QUANTITY PRODUCED: around 2700 / year

* Except for the 2014 vintage to come: malolactic fermentation was avoided, but you will have to wait 2020 to taste it

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